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Cutting Tool Products

New Turning Tools

PP and PQ Chipbreakers for finishing to mid-range machining with high feed capability.

PR1425, PR1225 Series for Small Tools with new MEGACOAT, and MEGACOAT NANO coating technologies. Cut steel and stainless steel with high cutting speeds and long tool life.

New Milling Tools

RAD-6 Milling Cutters with positive round inserts containing 6 usable edges. Low cutting forces are achieved with Kyocera's helical cutting edge design.

RAD-8 Milling Cutters reduce cutting costs with double-faced 8-edge inserts used in a wide range of applications.

Milling Cutter

Grooving Cutter

New Grooving Tools

KGD/KGDF Grooving Systems for grooving, cut-off, and face grooving applications. Features new SwitchBlade style toolholders and MEGACOAT inserts.

GBA Grooving Systems utilize a 3-edge MEGACOAT PR1215 GBA insert along with external and internal toolholders with a new pin-lock design.

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