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Thermal Printhead Products

A thermal printhead is a line of resistors, whose output is a line of precisely controlled dots of heat, which produce images in conjunction with heat-sensitive paper or ribbons. The most common applications of thermal printing are barcoded labels, ID cards/driver's licenses and POS receipts. Thermal prints are typically more durable than ink jet prints and better quality than impact prints. For receipt printing, thermal printer mechanisms are simpler than any other print technology.

Kyocera Corporation in Japan was instrumental in the development of the thermal printing industry. For complete information about Kyocera Thermal Printheads and their selection and applications, please visit the Global Kyocera Thermal Printhead Website.

Kyocera sells thermal printheads in quantity to printer manufacturers who first provide confidential specifications of mounting and interface details. Kyocera cannot disclose these specification details to others and cannot sell printheads manufactured with proprietary tooling, except to the owners of that tooling. Therefore if you are looking for a replacement thermal printhead, you must go to the manufacturer of your thermal printer.

The Kyocera North American Thermal Printhead Sales force works with customers to specify thermal printheads which achieve the customers' performance, durability and cost objectives.

The technical standard of Kyocera is to only manufacture with thermal printheads using thin film technology. A thin film heater element produces a better-formed dot image, with less gap between adjacent dots. This dot quality is absolutely necessary for photorealistic images. Kyocera has chosen to also use this higher quality technology for all other print heads and depends upon automation and production volume to offset its higher cost.

Commitments to quality and to the environment are reflected in the Thermal Printhead Division's continuing ISO 9001, 9002 and 14001 certifications.
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