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Impregnating Resins

Chemical Products

Kyocera offers a wide range of impregnating resins (secondary insulation varnish) systems that provide excellent stability under all operating conditions. Our Impregnating Resins are used for many application including electrical rotary equipment (motors and generators) and static electrical equipment (transformers and sensors.)

Non-Solvent Type Impregnating Resins (Varnishes)

Kyocera's product line offers non-solvent type impregnating resins (varnishes) that enable a brief treatment to completely coat any size product, from small to large equipment. For better working conditions, lower VOC odor varnishes are also available.

Learn more about our Non-Solvent Type TVB Series

Solvent Type Impregnating Resins (Varnishes)

Kyocera's solvent type impregnating resins (varnishes) lineup covers various products from small to large, and our finishing varnishes provide fast drying, excellent electrical insulation, moisture resistance and oil resistance.

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Magnet Wire Coating Varnishes

Kyocera has developed various types of wire coating varnishes to satisfy a variety of application needs. Formal varnishes have a successful track record in heavy electric machinery applications. Our polyester varnish also offers excellent workability.

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Casting Resins

Kyocera has a wide range of products for transformers, coils and high-voltage applications. This includes products for electrical potting and encapsulating, in addition to adhesives, coatins and sealants. Kyocera's casting resins have superior potting ability and various encapsulation insulation and embedding materials for high-voltage applications.

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Non-Flammable Resins for High Voltage Transformers

Kyocera offers halogen-free and antimony-free environmentally friendly products with good insulation, which are required in modern home applicances.

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Casting Resins for Ignition Coils

Kyocera's casting resins are used in ignition coils nad feature superior impregnation properties, insulation resistance and heat resistance. We are industry leaders in production volume and have earned a reputation for high reliability in the automotive industry.  The TCG1900 series of products supports casting resins for ignition coils.

Insulating Resins for Heavy Electric Equipment

Kyocera's resin is ideal for heavy electric instruments such as voltage transformers and insulation spacers, and electric power tools, which require high voltage. It supports crack resistance for high heat conductivity and long-term insulation.  The TCG1900 series of products support Insulating Resins for Heavy electric equipment.

Resins for Electrical/Electronic Part Applications

Kyocera's resins are suitable for embedding ferrite parts and hybrid circuit board parts. Potting and embedding semiconductor parts and encapsulating small electronic parts including sophisticated flexible materials using low temperature and one liquid type. We have a diverse product line to meet your needs.

Learn more about our resins for electrical/electronic part applications: TCG 1800 Series and TCG5000 Series.

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