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Plating Services

  • Experienced Engineering
  • Variety of Surface Options
  • Full chemistry and materials lab support: ICP, AA, pH, titration, XRF, SEM/EDS
  • Selective plating is available to optimize package-to-board and die-to-package attachment

Plating Options

Gold: Mil-G-45204 C (Type III, Grade A)
ASTM B488-01 (Type III, Grade A)
Electroless Gold: Type III, Grade A
Nickel: SAE-QQN-290
Electroless Nickel-P: SAE-AMS-2404D
Electroless Nickel-B: ASTM B607-91
Palladium: MIL-P-45209

Kyocera International's Plating Division provides state-of-the-art gold, nickel, and palladium plating services to meet the needs of our broad customer base. We offer quick turnaround, expert engineering support, and a wide range of functional test capabilities.

Our San Diego plating division was established in 1973, in response to the need for reliable, high-quality finishing. Since then, it has grown to include automatic plating lines, a 3600 square foot manual plating line, an on-site waste treatment and water reclamation processes, and complete lab and test capabilities.

In September 2010, construction was completed on a new automatic plating line at Kyocera Mexicana in Otay Mesa, Tijuana.

Today, Kyocera International plates more than 70,000 packages per day - including 120 different package types - and is the largest west coast consumer of gold for plating applications.