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Government & Aerospace

Wireframe of Commercial Jet with Sensors

Government and Aerospace applications require circuitry that must operate in an environment beyond that of commercial electronics. Signal and power integrity specifications typically are more stringent and therefore more difficult to achieve in electronic materials with unstable electrical or limited thermo-mechanical properties. Ceramic packaging offers the advantage of hermeticity, stable dielectric properties, and loss-loss interconnects in a mechanically robust 3-D or planar structure. As with other high-reliability electronics, government and aerospace applications now and in the future will require increased functional integration and better power management over a much broader range of frequencies. Passive components such as filter banks, wave guides, combiners, and high-frequency antenna elements can be embedded in ceramic packages and complex modules to meet a higher level of electrical performance. Kyocera International’s new materials and design methodologies for enhanced thermal management as well as embedded passive components provide government and aerospace customers with the best electronic packaging solutions for long-term reliability.

Government and Aerospace Application Examples:

  • Radar
  • UAVs
  • Sensor Networks
  • Integrated Communication Platforms
  • Homeland Security / Surveillance
  • Satellites

From Multi-layer BGA and T/R Modules to Discrete High-Frequency MMIC and SMT hermetic packages, Kyocera International has a long and successful record of providing MIL-STD-883 tested hermetic packaging to government and aerospace industries. Contract Assembly services for government and aerospace applications are also available in our San Diego facility which expanded in 2012 to include a second Flip-Chip line for high-reliability as well as commercial applications.