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Component Assembly Pastes

Kyocera's functional materials, such as adhesives and coating resins, were originally designed for use in the semiconductor, printed circuit board, and electronic components industries. Recently, new applications have emerged in the semiconductor and automotive fields, as well as for environmentally sensitive projects.

Electronic Conductive Pastes

Electric conductive pastes are electro-conductive adhesives based on epoxy resins. Our product includes environmentally friendly, lead-free products.

Electric Conductive Pastes for General Use

Electric conductive pastes for general use are ideal for die bonding. Applications for these pastes range from small LED chips to LSI type integrated circuits.

Learn more about our Electric Conductive Paste for General Use: CT200 Series

High Thermal Conductive Pastes

Kyocera's pastes have an excellent thermal conductivity that is 10 times that of general purpose pastes, and with 1/10th of the electric resistance. These pastes exhibit good reflow resistance after moisture absorption. Our high thermal conductive pastes are suitable for applications such as power ICs that generate high levels , as well as high luminance LEDs.

Learn more about our High Thermal Conductive Pastes: CT284 Series

Lead-Free Electric Conductive Pastes 

Kyocera's lead-free Electric conductive pastes are ideal for lead-free mounting. High temperture reflow of lead-free boards is possible based on our pastes' high-bonding strength, as well as decreased package warpage due to cold curing.

Learn more about our Lead-Free Electric Conductive Pastes: CT265 Series

Anisotropic Conductive Pastes

Kyocera offers high-functioning Anisotropic Conductive Paste (ACP) adhesives used in Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs), flip chip and other electronic devices. Kyocera also has Non Conductive Paste (NCP) adhesives.  Kyocera uses two types of particles. We have a "soft" particle paste which uses gold (Au) plated polymer particles and a "hard" particle paste which uses nickel (Ni) particles.

Pastes for Flip Chip Assembly Use (ACPs / NCPs)

Kyocera's ACPs are ideal for flip chip mounting of high performance packages such as COBs, COGs, and TABs. Other applications for our ACPs include mobile telecommunications, PDAs, CCD cameras, PC cards, and MCMs.

Learn more about our Pastes for Flip Chip Assembly Use: TAP / TNP Series

Eutectic Joint Applicable NCPs

Kyocera developed the industry's first heat eutectic, pre-appliced under-fill for flip chip connections. Kyocera's NCPs enable an electrode to become alloyed and resin-sealed simultaneously, thus increasing manufacturing productivity and enhancing connection reliability after heat cycles. 

Learn more about our Eutectic Joint Applicable NCPs: XAP0289 Series

Heat-Resistant Passivation Materials

Kyocera offers both Photo Sensitive Passivation Materials as well as Heat Resistant oplyimide Resins for water coating:

Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials for Wafer-Coating

Kyocera's passivation materials achieve manufacturing process rationalization and small pattern formation by adding both negative- and positive-type photonus function to an already high-performance resin. This material can have multiple uses as a surface protective film on semiconductors.

Learn more about our Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials for Water Coating: CT4000 Series

Heat-Resistant Polyimide Resins for Wafer-Coating

Kyocera's polyimide resins have multiple uses in semiconductor and automotive parts manufacturing due to their high reliability. These polyimide resins can be applied at low temperatures, making them ideal for enhancing heat resistance.

Learn more about our Heat-Resistant Polyimide Resins for Wafer Coating: CT4000 Series