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Fake Job Offers / Recruitment Fraud

Kyocera has recently learned of an identity theft scam involving fraudulent offers of employment extended to real job applicants through email, social media, and/or telephone calls. Identity thieves may pose as executives of well-known companies and make fraudulent job offers in an attempt to obtain personal information from the applicant. Kyocera is taking this matter seriously and reporting all incidents to the appropriate legal authorities. We urge you to do the same — and be vigilant in protecting yourself by learning to identify suspicious activity.

What is Recruitment Fraud?

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scheme that involves offering fictitious job opportunities. This type of fraud is normally perpetrated through digital communications including unsolicited e-mails that falsely claim to be from a real employer, such as Kyocera. These emails generally request personal information and ultimately some form of payment or financial account information.

Identifying Recruitment Fraud

Identity thieves often ask their intended victims to complete job applications, immigration forms or other documentation, such as terms and conditions of employment. These communications may appear genuine, bearing the name, logo and photographs of a well-known company. However, you may learn to spot them by looking for these common characteristics:

  • They generally call for an urgent reply.
  • They often originate from free web-based e-mail providers such as Yahoo or Gmail.
  • They may originate from an email address closely resembling a real company (such as Kyocera.com) with slight modification — such as, Kyocerajoboffer.com.
  • The perpetrators may even offer to pay a percentage of the fees they are requesting, and ask the candidate to pay the remaining amount.

 What to Do And Not Do

  • Do save messages from the perpetrator, including the original subject line, complete headers and complete message content.
  • Do contact your local police and provide them with all of the information you have received.
  • Do NOT respond to unsolicited business propositions and/or offers of employment if the authenticity cannot be verified.
  • Do NOT disclose any personal or financial data, account information or passwords.
  • Do NOT send money. Kyocera never requests money transfers or payments from applicants to secure any type of employment.

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