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Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp. Introduces "“Quick 50"” Program for Opto-electronic Thin Film Submounts

Vancouver, WA – May 17, 2001 -- Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, Electro-Optics Division, today introduced its "Quick 50" program for Opto-electronic Thin Film Submounts used in fiber optic photodiode receivers and low-power lasers.

Kyocera developed the "Quick 50" program to address the critical need for quick development and "speed to market" among manufacturers of opto-electronic devices. The program enables Kyocera to supply prototype components on an urgent basis: "Quick" refers to Kyocera’s promised delivery time of two weeks plus shipping, and "50" refers to the 50 prototype pieces Kyocera will include in the shipment.

Products available through the "Quick 50" program use a submount material of aluminum nitride ceramic with a thermal conductivity rating of 170 W/m۰K. The submount is available in sizes up to 6mm in length and 2mm in width, with a thickness of 0.25mm, 0.50mm or 1.00mm.

The submount’s thin film metallization layer is comprised of 0.1 microns of titanium, 0.2 microns of platinum and 0.5 microns of gold. The die attach pad is a gold/tin layer (Au/Sn = 70/30% by weight) at 3 microns +/- 0.5 thick. The design guideline for pattern width, die-attach size and line-to-line pattern clearance is 0.05mm minimum +/- 0.02mm.

Kyocera’s flexible manufacturing process allows the "Quick 50" opto-electronic thin film submount concept to be applied to a wide range of custom submount designs.

For additional "Quick 50" information, please contact:

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation
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Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation is headquartered in Vancouver, WA with three manufacturing plants and a network of sales offices located throughout the United States. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kyocera International, Inc. of San Diego, the North American headquarters and holding company for Kyocera Corporation (NYSE: KYO).