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Kyocera Introduces Hermetically Sealed Glass-to-Metal Packages for Fiber-Optic Applications

Vancouver, WA -- March 14, 2002 -- Kyocera today announced that it has expanded its line of ceramic packages for fiber-optic devices with the addition of hermetically sealed glass-to-metal packages. By providing both ceramic and glass-to-metal packaging technology, coupled with world-renowned quality and design expertise, Kyocera has redefined “one-stop shopping” for the optoelectronic components industry.

The glass-to-metal packages utilize a wide range of lead-free, environmentally safe glass materials featuring low-to-high temperature (280º to 900º C) sealing capabilities. Kyocera’s low-temperature glass sealing technology offers the ability to hermetically attach anti-reflective-coated optical lenses to the package. In addition, Kyocera’s diversified fiber-optic package manufacturing process supports a wide range of custom package designs.

Kyocera’s glass-to-metal and ceramic fiber-optic packaging products are marketed in North America by the Electro-Optics Division of Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, which operates two fiber-optic package design centers in the United States. Kyocera Design Center support includes CAD-to-CAD interface, design guidelines, three-dimensional electromagnetic field analysis, and heat and stress simulation.

For additional fiber-optic packaging information, please contact:

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation
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Somerset, NJ 08873
Phone: 732-563-4346
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About Kyocera
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation is headquartered in Vancouver, WA with three manufacturing plants and 11 sales offices throughout the United States. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kyocera International, Inc. of San Diego, the North American holding company for Kyocera Corporation (NYSE: KYO).

Kyoto, Japan-based Kyocera Corporation, the group's global parent, employs approximately 40,000 people in 25 nations and recorded consolidated sales of $10.2 billion during the year ended March 31, 2001.