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Kyocera Leads Growth of M2M Solutions in Latin America with KYOCERA 200 Wireless Module

Superior CDMA network and improved functionality have increased demand for M2M solutions leading KYOCERA to predict 40 percent industry-wide increase in M2M throughout the region this year

Lima, Peru -- (April 21, 2005) -- Kyocera Wireless, a leading global supplier of CDMA handsets and telemetry modules is predicting a 40 percent jump in the M2M (Machine to Machine) industry this year throughout Latin America. Thanks to the wireless technology enabled by products such as Kyocera's 200 Module, more and more businesses are expected to deploy M2M applications to remotely monitor and gather data between teams, systems and machines previously separated by long distances, ultimately providing more cost-effective and enhanced business processes.

Since its introduction in August 2003, the Kyocera 200 Module has powered an impressive range of M2M applications. As a result of Kyocera's strong ties with CDMA operators throughout Latin America and worldwide the device has been certified by numerous network operators, including six in Latin America. In addition, more than 25 developers are deploying new M2M applications and solutions using the Kyocera 200 Module. Among the most popular applications for the region are Automotive Vehicle Location (AVL) and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).

The M2M segment is seen as offering extremely high growth potential in the wireless industry throughout the world. Gartner, the international analyst firm, predicts that by 2007 there will be between 100 and 160 million M2M connections on mobile telephone networks worldwide. With applications that range from automotive vehicle location to fleet management, metering, security, wireless vending, exception reporting and wireless point-of-sale terminal applications among others, M2M business solutions help businesses in multiple categories achieve operational efficiencies that often represent significant savings.

"Throughout the past year we've seen remarkable growth in our M2M business in Latin America, and we expect that to significantly increase as awareness of the benefits of M2M grows," says Dean Fledderjohn, General Manager of Kyocera's M2M Business. "The surge of new applications and the strong return on investment has increased the demand for CDMA M2M solutions leading us to predict an industry-wide growth of 40 percent growth regionally this year."

In Latin America Kyocera has strategic relationships with finished product partners that include TechnoCom (Automatic Vehicle Location), Comverge (Utility Automatic Meter Reading), Land-Cellular (Cellular Data Modems) as well as Galander, SA, (Fixed Wireless) an integrator/distribution partner with whom the company just expanded its reach to include Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Throughout the region Kyocera works directly with businesses, distributors and integrators providing finished products using the Kyocera 200 module. Applications based on the Kyocera module can currently be found in countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Belize, and will shortly be available to Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay among others.

About the Kyocera 200 Module
The Kyocera 200 Module is designed to enable M2M and telemetry applications such as vehicle location, SCADA, asset tracking, remote metering or security, wireless vending, exception reporting and wireless point-of-sale terminals. The module is equipped with tri-mode capability (including AMPS), A-GPS position location capability and support for IS-2000 data rates. Other features and functions include two-way Short Messaging Service (SMS) capabilities; simple and mobile IP; AT command interface; dual UARTs; analog audio; two RF connectors; high-speed packet- and circuit-switched data; and support for both 13k QCELP and EVRC vocoders.

The developer's kit and programming tools to support integration of wireless capability into OEM products and systems are available for purchase by module customers. For additional information, please visit

About Kyocera Wireless Corp.
Kyocera Wireless Corp. is a leading supplier of innovative, feature-rich CDMA wireless devices and accessories for customers worldwide. Kyocera Wireless maintains an operating belief in the genius of simplicity and strives to make the wireless experience as simple and intuitive as humanly possible. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera International Inc., which acquired QUALCOMM Incorporated's CDMA consumer wireless phone business in February 2000. Based in San Diego, the company is ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 certified and has won city, state and federal awards for its environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycling practices.

Kyocera Wireless Corp. launched in Latin America in 2001, and today serves 31 operators in 19 countries with 17+ models. Representing approximately 20% of worldwide company sales, the region saw growth double consecutively over the last two fiscal years, with an increase of sales of 131% for the year ending March 31, 2004, following an increase of 171% for the year ending March 31, 2003.

Kyocera Corporation, the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of advanced ceramics. By combining these engineered materials with metals and plastics, and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera has become a leading supplier of telecommunications equipment, semiconductor packages, electronic components, cameras, laser printers, copiers, solar energy systems and industrial ceramics. During the year ended March 31, 2004, Kyocera Corporation's consolidated net sales totaled approximately US$11 billion (JP¥ 1,140,814 million) with net income of approximately US$655 million (JP¥ 68,086 million).

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