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DataRemote Inc. and KYOCERA Wireless Join Forces for Three New CDMA-Based Machine-to-Machine Communication Tools

TrakitNow, CDS-9060M-T/R Modem and VirtualComm IP Manager Use the KYOCERA 200 Module to Enable Seamless, Ubiquitous Communication

SAN DIEGO, and VENTURA, Calif. -- (September 6, 2005) -- Kyocera Wireless Corp., a leading global manufacturer of CDMA wireless handsets and devices, and DataRemote Inc., a global wireless solution provider, today announced the launch of three products that combine the award-winning Kyocera 200 Module with DataRemote's proprietary software and hardware to enable seamless, ubiquitous data communication: CDS-9060M-T/R, a modem that upgrades legacy analog systems to digital; TrakitNow, a new comprehensive AVL and GPS fleet tracking software solution; and VirtualComm IP Manager software solution. All three products use the power of CDMA technology to enable virtually anytime, anywhere communication that improves business productivity and cost efficiency while easily integrating with legacy equipment and technology, ensuring the jump to the digital age without the need of costly equipment overhauls.

"With Kyocera, we have found a telecommunications technology partner who can provide a proven high-speed solution that is easily integrated in both traditional and upgraded software and equipment," said Brett Cavanah, president and CEO, DataRemote, Inc. "Our customers come from a wide variety of industries and have specific and unique technology requirements. With the scalable Kyocera 200 Module we are able to quickly design solutions to meet our customer's needs and provide fast and efficient wireless communication ability for a variety of remote applications - whether in a vehicle, in the field, or in a plant."

"The highly scalable Kyocera 200 Module is a great fit for DataRemote, who is widely known for tailoring a variety of flexible wireless solutions to fit the diverse needs of end users across a wide spectrum of applications," said Dean Fledderjohn, general manager of the M2M division at Kyocera Wireless Corp. "Together, we're developing cutting-edge solutions to take advantage of the benefits of CDMA technology while continuing to lead the industry in innovation."

Obsolescence Is Obsolete With the CDS-9060M-T/R
Equipment that is built to last presents a unique challenge for businesses that want to take advantage of digital wireless technology. With the CDS-9060M-T/R modem powered by the Kyocera 200 Module, Data Remote customers can now easily update old equipment by integrating the latest wireless technology. With the simplicity of plugging into a wall jack, the innovative CDS-9060M-T/R modem allows equipment, meters and/or data terminals with an RJ11 jack (standard legacy equipment feature) to quickly and efficiently send data over digital wireless networks without the need for costly equipment overhauls. In addition, the new wireless modem operates in dual mode CDMA to support both circuit-switched and 1XRTT packet-switched services and can also plug in a standard or mobile fax machine via RJ11.

The modem also features static IP capability to maintain the same IP address while communicating across different network areas and carrier networks as well as wireless local loop (WLL) capabilities, a more economical alternative to the traditional dial-up system currently used with legacy data equipment. The product offers a cost-effective solution to customers in utilities, banking, gaming, transportation, trucking and other industries who want to utilize their AMRs, remote POSs, wireless telemetry, SCADA and ATMs for their intended lifetimes.

DataRemote's 9060 modem series has been approved for use with several major CDMA wireless carriers in North America.

Do You Know Where Your Fleet Is?
With TrakitNow AVL and GPS fleet tracking software solution, DataRemote customers can now track fleet location, valuable assets and other important vehicle information in real time taking advantage of the benefits of CDMA technology for a cost-effective and data-rich alternative to satellite and other tracking technology options. TrakitNow works in conjunction with the DataRemote CDS-9060G modem powered by the Kyocera 200 Module and provides store-forward capability to capture data for later review and analysis to improve business productivity and function or for review when vehicles travel to remote locations outside wireless coverage areas. TrakitNow's unique "follow me" feature displays fleet vehicles on national, regional and/or local maps, allowing dispatchers to quickly assess vehicle location and assist drivers with mission critical information such as directions to the nearest gas station, route changes and parking regulations - ultimately improving timelines, heading off problems and ensuring on-budget operations.

The scalable and easy to use TrakitNow software can be hosted by a home office, corporate server or by DataRemote via the Internet and offers a reliable fleet management solution suitable for varied industries including shipping and delivery, transportation, emergency services and vehicles, commercial sanitation and more.

Linking Old and New Virtually
DataRemote customers can now link legacy technology with cutting-edge wireless communication technology with VirtualComm IP Manager. This innovative new software integrates seamlessly with old communications software and diverts data out of a virtual serial port rather than through the traditional physical serial port providing a digital gateway to the Internet - all without requiring any modification to the existing software code or hardware. Performing like a circuit switched call; the VirtualComm IP Manager is actually Internet-based and allows connection to both static and dynamic IP addresses. It can create up to 225 virtual serial ports with an unlimited number of end units in its control. VirtualComm IP Manager keeps a log of transactions for user records and tracks statistics and vital data offering a cost-effective and reliable alternative for those ready to make the leap to IP-based communications without abandoning entire existing software systems.


About the Kyocera 200 Module
The Kyocera 200 Module is designed to enable M2M and telemetry applications such as vehicle location, SCADA, asset tracking, remote metering or security, wireless vending, exception reporting and wireless point-of-sale terminals. The module is equipped with tri-mode capability (including AMPS), A-GPS position location capability and support for IS-2000 data rates. Other features and functions include two-way Short Messaging Service (SMS) capabilities; simple and mobile IP; AT command interface; dual UARTs; analog audio; two RF connectors; high-speed packet and circuit-switched data; and support for both 13k QCELP and EVRC vocoders. The developer's kit and programming tools to support integration of wireless capability into OEM products and systems are available for purchase by module customers. For additional information, please visit

About Kyocera Wireless Corp.
Kyocera Wireless Corp. is a leading supplier of innovative, feature-rich CDMA wireless devices and accessories for customers worldwide. Kyocera Wireless maintains an operating belief in the genius of simplicity and strives to make the wireless experience as simple and intuitive as humanly possible. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera International Inc., which acquired QUALCOMM Incorporated's CDMA consumer wireless phone business in February 2000. Based in San Diego, the company is ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 certified and has won city, state and federal awards for its environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycling practices. For more information, please visit 

Kyocera Corporation (NYSE: KYO), the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of advanced ceramics. By combining these engineered materials with metals and plastics, and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera has become a leading supplier of telecommunications equipment, semiconductor packages, electronic components, cameras, laser printers, copiers, solar energy systems and industrial ceramics. During the year ended March 31, 2005, Kyocera Corporation's consolidated net sales totaled approximately US$11 billion (JP¥ 1,180,655 million) with net income of approximately US$429 million (JP¥ 45,908 million).

About DataRemote Inc.
Founded in 1991, DataRemote, Inc. is an industry leader in M2M communications and data solutions, with devices that are certified on major wireless carriers. A leader in industrial grade wireless modems and tracking technologies, DataRemote, Inc. products include groundbreaking devices that address the AVL, wireless telemetry and SCADA information markets. DataRemote is one of the first companies to design, build and market wireless modems that operate on the CDMA and PCS networks, and its tracking modules utilize the latest technology to provide constant, on-demand information about valuable assets, their physical location and status-all visible on either a secure web site or on the user's in-house desk-top computer.

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