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Kyocera Wireless Corp. Introduces New Family of CDMA Phones with Changeable Translucent Faceplates

New Low-Tier Phones Offer Tri-Mode Capability and a Array of Faceplate Colors

SAN DIEGO--Feb. 28, 2000--Kyocera Wireless Corp. today announced a new family of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) wireless phones featuring an array of colorful, changeable, translucent faceplates.

The compact and lightweight QCP™2035, a tri-mode CDMA PCS/CDMA cellular/analog phone, and the QCP™ 2008, an 800 MHz dual-mode CDMA cellular/analog phone, each weigh just over four ounces (125 g). The new phones feature talk times of up to 3.75 hours and standby times of up to 5.5 days in digital mode. Conceived as entry-level/low-tier product offerings, both models are expected to ship early in the third quarter of 2000.

"The QCP 2035, with its array of colorful, translucent faceplates, provides tri-mode capability in a fun and fashionable package," said Randall Borne, vice president of marketing for Kyocera Wireless Corp. "Both the QCP 2035 and the dual-mode QCP 2008 allow users to change the faceplates on the phone to fit their individual styles. In addition, both models have features such as an advanced bitmap display, text messaging and paging, an enhanced phone directory and productivity tools."

The QCP 2008 and QCP 2035 feature a five-line full bit-map display that supports animation, graphics, variable font sizes and character sets for multiple languages. Smart text sizing automatically changes the font size when necessary. A four-way navigation key below the display enables easy navigation through the user interface menu options.

The new phones incorporate several productivity tools, including a contacts directory, calculator, stopwatch, alarm clock and countdown timer. The enhanced contacts directory can hold up to 100 entries and allows the user to save up to six phone numbers, two e-mail addresses, two web page addresses and a note under each contact name. The contacts directory feature can synchronize with PC-based contacts manager applications using the available data connectivity kit.

The QCP 2008 and QCP 2035 feature 25 different ringer types as well as a vibrating silent alert. The user can assign distinct ringers to different call categories to better manage incoming calls. A convenient "Silence All Sounds" feature allows the user to quickly switch off all audio alerts and activate the silent alert at the touch of a button.

The new Kyocera phones also allow the user to send and receive text messages and pages. On networks equipped with Short Messaging Service (SMS) capabilities, the QCP 2008 and QCP 2035 can communicate via short messages with other SMS-enabled handsets or e-mail addresses. Information and "help" text messages are available to the user to provide instructions and short cuts on phone functions.

A new line of accessories will support the QCP 2008 and QCP 2035, including a rapid travel charger, car power adapter, headset, a portable hands-free car kit, data connectivity kit, single slot-desktop charger, and a leather carrying case.

Kyocera Wireless Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera International Inc. of San Diego, the North American headquarters and holding company for Kyocera Corp. of Japan. Created by integrating the handset design, development, manufacturing and marketing expertise of QUALCOMM Inc. with Kyocera's global R&D and technology resources, Kyocera Wireless Corp. designs, develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of handsets and accessories for leading wireless technologies.

During the 1990s, Kyocera reshaped Japan's wireless industry by developing smaller, lighter telephones with unprecedented features. Kyocera created the world's first PHS (Personal Handyphone System) telephone with a built-in Internet browser and e-mail, as well as the first wireless, hand-held videotelephone. Innovations like these have enabled Kyocera to ship more than 15 million handsets to date.

Since its founding in 1959 as a manufacturer of technical ceramics, Kyocera Corp. ( has developed a vertically integrated product line that includes high-performance materials, components, equipment and services. The company's consolidated annual sales for the year ended March 31, 1999, totaled 725 billion yen (US$6.1 billion) with net income of 28 billion yen (US$239 million). Kyocera employs approximately 38,000 people worldwide and has been named by Industry Week magazine as one of "The World's 100 Best-Managed Companies."

Kyocera is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corp. QCP is a trademark of Kyocera Wireless Corp. QUALCOMM is a registered trademark of QUALCOMM® Inc.

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