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Alegro PCS Selects KYOCERA Wireless Handsets for its CMDA2000 1X Network in Ecuador

Quito - February 12, 2004 - Kyocera Wireless Corp. (, a leading global manufacturer of CDMA wireless handsets, today announced that Ecuador-based Alegro PCS (TELECSA), has selected Kyocera Wireless as its strategic partner to provide mobile phones for the company's recently launched CDMA2000 1X network.

Alegro PCS now carries three phones by Kyocera: Blade, Phantom and Slider. Kyocera provides CDMA-enabled wireless handsets to operators worldwide, including many of the largest carriers in 19 Latin American countries. CDMA technology currently serves more than 174 million subscribers globally, with more than 30 million customers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

"Alegro PCS has successfully launched its CDMA2000 1X network, providing 3G wireless voice and data technology to our entire customer base in Ecuador," said Carlos Gómez, Vice President, Marketing, of Alegro PCS. "As our community increases its reliance on wireless connections, diverse and unique handsets from Kyocera Wireless such as Blade, Phantom and Slider become an indispensable part of daily communication; adding an excellent design that agrees with the expectations of our targeted market segments without neglecting the functionality of the most up-to-date third generation services."

Sleek and stylish, Slider features a large, 65,000-color display that slides up and down to reveal the phone's keypad, offers multiple language options, includes a scheduler, calculator, alarm clock, stopwatch and built-in contact directory. Slider sustains up to four hours of talk and 100 hours of standby time on a standard lithium ion battery.

Also known as the Kyocera SE47, the Slider has a variety of functions that apply to various market segments: speakerphone, voice-activated dialing and enhanced two-way messaging, to name a few.

The Kyocera Blade Series, also known as the KX424, is defined by its edgy design, key-activated built-in LED flashlight, enhanced color displays that use software to emulate 16-bit, 65,000-color performance and illuminated navigation "halo." Blade includes text messaging with animation, e-mail capabilities, downloadable screensavers and numerous polyphonic ringtones.

Additionally, subscribers can utilize voice-activated dialing and organize their busy schedules with the calendar, alarm clock and built-in contact directory. The handset features gaming capabilities and predictive text-input for rapid text entry.

"Blade, Phantom and Slider are three of our most popular phones in Latin America, now bringing fresh and exciting options to Alegro PCS customers in every walk of life," said Lee Ittner, vice president of International Sales, Latin America for Kyocera Wireless.

More information about Blade, Phantom, Slider and the rest of the exciting product lineup from Kyocera Wireless Corp., including retail purchasing information, is available in Spanish at or in English at

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