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KYOCERA 7135 Smartphone Equipped with Sherwood Personal Security's Mobile Security Protection Selected as Exclusive Wireless Handset in Highly Coveted Academy Awards Presenters Basket

Celebrities and VIPs at 76th Academy Awards to Receive One-of-a-Kind Kyocera 7135 smartphone with Invaluable Sherwood Personal Security Package Featuring PDA Defense

SAN DIEGO -- Feb. 23, 2004 -- Kyocera Wireless, a leading global CDMA wireless handset manufacturer, Sherwood Personal Security, a top firm in high-tech personal security and privacy, and Asynchrony Solutions, developer of PDA Defense software, announced today their collective selection by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for inclusion in the highly coveted Academy Awards Presenters basket. The Academy gift to 125 celebrities and VIPs at the 2004 Academy Awards will include a Kyocera 7135 smartphone with an elite protection package from Sherwood Personal Security featuring PDA Defense. This secure, protected smartphone, never before offered as a combined package, is valued at approximately $1,499 and is destined to be among the most sought-after goodies in this year's basket.

The three companies partnered to bring the highest level of personal security to a converged device - cell phone, PDA and portable computer all in one handset. An elite protection package featuring Sherwood Personal Security's mobile privacy and identity theft protection service, BodEGuard, and PDA Defense security software will be coupled with this premier smartphone. This exclusive version of the 7135 smartphone will come loaded with the most high-tech security features on the market to ensure utmost privacy - a must for celebrities.

"It's an honor for the 7135 smartphone to be chosen as part of the Academy Awards Presenters gift basket," said Don McGuire, vice president of global marketing for Kyocera Wireless Corp. "Numerous celebrities have embraced the Kyocera smartphone and the addition of Sherwood Personal Security's Mobile Security Package make it a must-have for high-profile entertainers. It's sure to be one of this year's hottest items."

"This secure smartphone ensures that your most valuable information won't fall into the wrong hands - even if your high-end gadget does," added Ben Sherwood, privacy advisor for Sherwood Personal Security, LLC. "Our BodEGuard Mobile Security Package features enhanced communication privacy, secure personal information storage, and the services needed to protect even the most high-profile individuals."

The Kyocera 7135 smartphone, which was named "Editors Choice" by PC Magazine and Laptop Magazine; and Best of What's New/Electronics by Popular Science, to name a few, has long been a most-wanted item on many celebrities' lists.

Kyocera's smartphone combines the features of a personal digital assistant (PDA), phone, computer and entertainment center all in one small, lightweight clamshell package. The Palm PoweredTM Kyocera 7135 smartphone features all the bells and whistles anyone would want and need on a converged device including wireless email, three modes of Web surfing, a photo suite, onboard MP3 player, and the ability to download any of thousands of Palm applications. The smartphone features voice-activated dialing, external caller ID, speakerphone, two-way text messaging and more.

As if the 7135 wasn't already a hot gift itself, Sherwood Personal Security added the most effective mobile security and identity theft protection package on the market, BodEGuard, featuring PDA Defense Professional. BodEGuard serves as a virtual bodyguard for all of your personal information and communications, providing celebrities and high-profile executives with the highest level of security, privacy, and identity theft protection through the use of trusted services, effective policy, and industry-leading solutions. PDA Defense Professional secures data on the phone in the case of loss or theft, through a multi-layered protection system including advanced password protection, strong encryption and fail-safe bitwiping countermeasures. PDA Defense is used within all branches of the U.S. military, the White House, the FBI and civilian enterprises around the world.

With identity theft being the fastest growing crime, costing Americans roughly $5 billion*, celebrities and high-profile individuals must be especially guarded with their personal information. PDA loss and theft from airports numbered 250,000 devices last year alone. Personal loss from identity theft averages $800,000** in end damage and can include an intruder gaining access to personal calendars, contacts, financial information and confidential company information to name only a few.

*Source: US Postal Service
**Source: Tom Walsh, Enterprise Security

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