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New KYOCERA Wireless Security System to Thwart Use of Potentially Dangerous Counterfeit and Aftermarket Batteries

LAS VEGAS -- (April 5, 2006) -- Kyocera Wireless Corp., a leading global manufacturer of CDMA wireless phones and devices, today announced a unique new security system designed to thwart the use of potentially dangerous counterfeit and aftermarket, non-authorized batteries in Kyocera phones. Beginning with the soon-to-launch Kyocera Strobe handset, forthcoming devices from Kyocera Wireless will use the patent-pending cipher-based solution to alert users of non-authentic batteries and disable the batteries from being recharged.

"We've done extensive testing of counterfeit and aftermarket batteries made for leading brands of cell phones and all too often their cost is kept down by removing important safety components and features," said Eddie Forouzan, Ph.D., lead battery engineer at Kyocera Wireless Corp. "Virtually every authentication technology introduced in this industry to date - from hologram stickers to static ID-chip solutions - has been compromised by aftermarket manufacturers. We felt it vital to create a dynamic solution that, by its very nature, is nearly clone-proof."

To achieve this level of security, Kyocera Wireless is embedding logic in all Kyocera battery packs. Unlike older technologies based on standard ID chips, each Kyocera chip has a unique identifier, much like a fingerprint. A battery is recognized as authentic only after the phone and battery have successfully communicated via layers of encryption based on convolution of data. The mathematical probability of creating a non-authorized battery that can overcome the Kyocera secure battery technology is one in tens of billions.

For several years Kyocera Wireless has taken aggressive steps to protect consumers from potentially dangerous counterfeit batteries entering the global market, ranging from a precautionary battery recall to extensive work with law enforcement agencies. Kyocera Wireless, along with a number of competitors and partners, helped to establish the IEEE/CTIA 1725 Working Group, a global industry body dedicated to ongoing improvements in the reliability of cellular batteries.

"We will continue to invest every effort and resource to protect consumers who place their trust in our products," said Tsuyoshi Mano, president of Kyocera Wireless Corp. "It is consistent with Kyocera Corporation's 47 years of honorable, ethical business practices and, beyond that, it's the right thing to do."

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