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KYOCERA Wireless Kicks Off The New Year With the Launch of Two New Cellular Phones in the Dominican Republic

Sophisticated K352 bar phone equipped with premium music player and VGA camera; easy-to-use K122 provides key productivity tools without compromising affordability

Miami, FL and Santo Domingo -- (January 8, 2007) -- Kyocera Wireless Corp., a leading global manufacturer of CDMA wireless phones and devices, today announced the launch of two new sleek CDMA cell phones in the Dominican market. Incorporating innovative stylish designs with the productivity and entertainment features that Kyocera cellular phones are internationally known for, the new compact phones provide users with essential tools to help prepare them for a positive 2007.

"To begin the year in the best possible manner, Kyocera is pleased to offer two new advanced CDMA technology cellular phones that meet the needs and demands of our Dominican consumers," said Izaike de Falla, regional manager director of sales for Kyocera Wireless Latin America in the Caribbean and Central America. "The K122 provides users with ease of use and stylish affordability, while the K352 is an elegant fun phone that offers a VGA camera and advanced MP3 player for hours of music enjoyment. These phones reflect the elegance, design and technological advancement of our Japanese heritage, and we hope they'll enchant consumers at all levels while becoming a much needed everyday companion."

Measuring only 4.13 x 1.71 x 0.6 inches and weighing just three ounces, the Kyocera K352 is a heavyweight when it comes to fun features. The stylish phone provides music lovers the ability to listen to their favorite songs when and where they want through a built in mp3 music player. Hours of music can conveniently be stored on the phone's 256 megabytes of onboard memory.

Consumers can easily select songs using the control buttons: or transfer music, and manage their MP3 files by connecting to a PC through a USB 2.0 port.

The Kyocera K352, with 800 MHz frequency, offers up to 170 minutes of talk time, and 121 hours of standby time. The phone is equipped with a VGA camera, a 1.8 inch LCD display, voice-activated dialing, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, screen saver, call alerts, a collection of wallpapers, and an internal memory of 256 MB to store MP3 music. In order to personalize the ringtone of their phone, consumers can choose from pre-loaded MIDI files (polyphonic ringtones), MIDI files downloaded by way of Brew or WAP, and MP3 files downloaded through a USB cable. The mobile phone also uses the Brew 2.1.3. platform, which allows for easy downloads of games, tones, and images.

With Kyocera's focus on ease of use and stylish affordability in mind, the Kyocera K122 is a compact bar-style phone with an internal antenna, strong battery life and a large color-filtered grayscale display. Operating at 800 MHz and using CDMA2000® 1xRTT technology, the K122 features SMS and a large, raised keypad for text messaging, as well as BREW® 2.1 for downloading simple games, ringers, contacts and more.*

The K122 offers a full slate of productivity tools including an extensive contact directory, scheduler, alarm clock, and vibrating alert. Users will also enjoy pre-loaded games and MIDI/QELP ringtones.

The Kyocera K122 measures 104.5 mm x 46.8 mm x 16.5 mm (4.1 in x 1.8 in x 0.6 in), weighs 77.8 g (2.7 oz), and has CDMA talk time of up to 4.0 hours and CDMA standby time of up to 250 hours.

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