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KYOCERA Introduces Three New Mobile Phones With Multiple Entertainment Features

KYOCERA also launches the KR1 Mobile Router, combining CDMA 1X EV-DO and Wi-Fi to create a fast and simple mobile network

Venezuela (November 21, 2006) -- Kyocera Wireless Corp., a leading global manufacturer of CDMA wireless phones and devices, announced today in Venezuela the launch of three new high tech cellular phones with ample entertainment features, and a mobile EV-DO router designed to meet the growing demand for a flexible high-speed mobile data network.

Just in time for this Holiday season, the new Kyocera Wireless mobile phones include the Kyocera KX18 Slider Ice™ with EV-DO capacity for a fast Internet connection; the Kyocera K352 with MP3 player and a VGA camera; the Kyocera K323 with Bluetooth® wireless capabilities, and the attractively-priced entry-level Kyocera K122. To continue its commitment of delivering the ultimate in entertainment to its Venezuela users, Kyocera Wireless has also included six preloaded songs from the Venezuelan band "Calle Ciega" on two of these new models: the Kyocera K352 and Kyocera KX18 Slider Ice. On the Kyocera K352, the songs are included in the mobile's internal memory, while on the Kyocera KX18 Slider Ice they are loaded in the memory card included in the equipment kit.

Julio Jordán, Kyocera Wireless regional manager for Venezuela, highlighted that the launch of two new EV-DO devices in the portfolio confirm Kyocera's leadership in the high tech segment in Venezuela. He also explained that most of the devices would be marketed nationally through Movilnet. "Movilnet will sell our K323, K122 models, and, of course, our most recent product: the KX18 Slider Ice, a slim white phone with the most complete and advanced EV-DO and entertainment functions. The K352 will also be available through both Movilnet, and our other CDMA operator in Venezuela".

Omar Hernandez, director of commercial support for Movilnet highlighted the importance of the Kyocera product launch for Movilnet's marketing strategy. "Thanks to this new group of high-tech products by Kyocera Wireless, we'll be able to satisfy the growing demand of our users, particularly at this time of the year when many clients upgrade their phones or purchase them for gifts for friends and family. We believe that the variety of devices that Kyocera currently offers and their multiple features, which have been completely customized to meet the growing demands of our subscribers, will be very well received within the Venezuelan CDMA market".

Kyocera KX18 Slider Ice™: mobile entertainment center
The new Slider Ice™ is the stylish white version of the recently launched Slider Jet™, the first EV-DO mobile phone launched in the Venezuelan market, which debuted in Kyocera Wireless in July. Weighing only 110 grams, the Slider Jet features an outstanding 176 X 220 pixel display with 262,000 colors, and multi format music player (MP3, AAC, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, M4A and M4B). The well-equipped phone also offers VGA flash camera with digital zoom, 128 MB memory upgradeable to 1 GB and a standard lithium ion 900 mAh battery.

Julio Jordán added, "The new Slider Ice also offers a complete line of accessories to exploit the full potential of its technological features". The line includes a GamePad for easy and fun game playing, a musical base to connect to the speakers of a sound system, an audio controller to manage musical playlists, stereo headphones, a hand-free system, and PhoneTools mobile devices.

"In addition to the features already mentioned, the Slider Ice also has MMS capabilities to send and receive pictures and video, an improved text message capability, a WAP 2.0 browser (Wireless Application Protocol) to access Web sites formatted for phones, a 500-entry contact list, alarm, timer, voice dialing, Brew 2.1 capabilities, and support in a number of languages" added Jordan.

Kyocera K323: the freedom of Bluetooth
With an attractive and delicate compact style, Kyocera K323 phone features a special smooth "touch-soft" finish that offers its users a a productive and easy to use experience. Besides its innovative Bluetooth hand free technology, this phone also offers a flash camera with different features such as multishot adjustment, auto-focus, automatic programming, and much more.

The K323 features an outer display with caller ID, an internal antenna, and dedicated buttons on both sides of the device. Inside, it has a wide vivid color display and a practical and easy to use keypad with direct access to volume control. This new phone distinguishes itself through its combination of features including the ability to change screensavers, play MP3 and MIDI ringtones, and receive alert calls. It can also send SMS/EMS, MMS and instant messages.

Depending on the available services, this device also offers the capability to surf the Internet and access e-mail, a mobile network with a WAP 2.0 browser, CDMA2000 1x and AGPS/E911, and also TTY/TDD to improve sound.

Finally, it is worthwhile noting that there are various optional accessories for this phone, such as: car battery-charger, a secure battery, travel charger and premium cases, as well as Bluetooth accessories, such as wireless headphones and a portable hands-free kit, among others.

Kyocera K122: low-cost design and functionality
Taking into consideration the needs of users and potential consumers, Kyocera is debuting the new K122 model; a phone whose design is focused on ease of use and slimness, at an inexpensive entry-level cost.

The K122 is a lightweight compact phone with an internal antenna, a long life battery, and a large easy-to-read display. It operates at 800MHz with CDMA2000® 1xRTT technology; and includes features for SMS and instant messaging.

The Kyocera K122 also offers a number of productive tools such as a large contact list, a daily scheduler, alarm, and vibrating alert. Games and factory set ring tones are supplied with the phone. The phone offers a talk time of up to four hours and weighs just 2.7 ounces.

Kyocera K352: multiple fun entertainment features
Just recently available in Venezuela through another operator, the K352 caused a great impact in the market due to its bright red and brilliant blue designs and its amazing fun features, which include a powerful MP3 player. Now with Movilnet, Kyocera Wireless is reintroducing the phone, and including six new preloaded songs from the band "Calle Ciega" as an exclusive to Movilnet.

Measuring only 10 x 4 x 1.5 cm and weighing approximately 90 grams, the Kyocera K352 is a high-performer when it comes to fun features. The stylish phone provides music lovers the ability to listen to their favorite songs whenever and wherever they want through a built-in MP3 music player. The phone features 256 MB of internal memory for many hours of music listening.

Users can easily select songs using the dedicated control buttons, transfer music, and manage their MP3 files by connecting to a PC through a USB 2.0 port.

The Kyocera K352 is an 800 MHz frequency phone that allows up to 170 minutes of talking time, and 121 hours of standby time. The phone is equipped with a VGA camera, a 1.8 inch LCD display, voice-activated dialing, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, screen saver, call alerts, Wap 2.0, and a collection of wallpapers. In addition, the mobile phone is BREW 2.1.3. enabled, which allows for easy downloads of games, tones, and images.

KR1 Mobile Router: a simple and fast mobile network
Kyocera Wireless is also launching the KR1 Mobile Router, expanding the company's offering of mobile devices for wireless Internet connections, which began with the successful Kyocera Passport KPC650 EV-DO PC card.

This new mobile router by Kyocera uses a single broadband CDMA2000® 1x Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO) connection to create a mobile Wi-Fi point for multiple PCs with 802.11g technology, at download speeds of up to 2.4 Mbps. The router is universal in that it will work with any EV-DO PCMCIA wireless card, as well as the Kyocera Passport PC card, or with most EV-DO USB telephones (such as Kyocera's Slider Jet or Slider Ice KX18).

"The KR1 Mobile Router is a logical extension to our successful Passport KPC650 PC card," Julio Jordán. "We know that many businesses use remote or temporary workers and work sites. The KR1 Mobile Router now enables these businesses to set up and share a broadband wide-area connection in any remote or mobile environment with a cellular signal, when using a high speed card such as the Kyocera Passport.

For many applications, the KR1 Mobile Router can eliminate the need for high-cost and fixed DSL or cable connections. It is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses or household use. Also, the KR1 Mobile Router provides strong security controls, such as 128-bit WEP encryption and an advanced firewall for protection against viruses, hacking and identity theft.

Among other awards, the KR1 Mobile Router has received the Honorable Mention from LAPTOP Magazine in the Wi-Fi category of their Mobile Innovation Awards 2006. The router has been praised for it innovation and connectivity alternatives; just connecting the Kyocera KPC650 card to the router allows sharing a Wi-Fi connection with other users at 400 and 700 kbps speeds.

Measuring 21.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 2.3 cm and weighing 453 grams, the KR1 Mobile Router includes an easy-to-use configuration wizard and Web-based device management software using Internet Explorer 6, Netscape Navigator 6, and other JAVA™-enabled browsers.

Venezuela is the most important market in Latin America for Kyocera Wireless, and the company has launched numerous high-technology wireless phones over the last four years. Kyocera has also managed to position itself as one of the most-accepted manufacturers in the Internet fast wireless access market thanks to its EV-DO products, such as its Slider Jet telephone and its Kyocera Passport wireless card, meeting the growing demand for EV-DO technology in Venezuela.

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