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KYOCERA Wireless and Cypress Solutions Launch Next Generation Chameleon™ CTM 152 Data Modem For EV-DO Networks

First M2M Modem to Integrate the KYOCERA Passport KPC650 1xEV-DO PC Card, Deliver Mobile IP and Allow Upgrade for EV-DO Rev A Compatibility

San Diego and Vancouver, (October 23, 2006) -- Kyocera Wireless Corp., a leading global manufacturer of CDMA wireless handsets and devices, and Cypress Solutions, a Canadian provider of industrial wireless data products, today announced the Cypress Solution ChameleonTM CTM 152, a rugged, industrial cellular modem that integrates the award-winning Kyocera Passport KPC650 PC Card to leverage the power and speed of 3G Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) networks. The Kyocera-enabled Chameleon CTM 152 delivers data communication speeds of up to 2.4 Mbps, provides Mobile IP, and discrete 12 channel global positioning system and Internet capabilities on virtually any CDMA2000® network - whether 1xEV-DO or 1xRTT. It has been approved for use with CDMA wireless carriers in Canada and the US.

The full-featured Chameleon CTM 152 is a Kyocera-enabled M2M solution designed to leverage EV-DO networks and is the first industrial data modem to integrate the Passport KPC650 PC Card, which performs up to 35 percent faster than competitors according to third party testing.* Delivering data speeds of up to 2.4 Mbps, the Chameleon CTM 152 provides users with a wireless data experience similar to a DSL or cable-modem connection. The CTM 152 uses an Intel XScale® Processor, the fastest processor in any Chameleon product, which provides users with a full version of Linux for integration flexibility and easy programming. An easy-to-use embedded Web interface provides step-by-step instructions for setup and programming of reports. To accommodate anticipated improvements to carrier networks, the modem was designed for a simplified and cost effective upgrade to EV-DO Rev A, which will greatly enhance the uplink speeds to 1.8Mbps, providing a user experience similar to a wired digital landline solution.

The CTM 152 supports Mobile IP without expensive workarounds or additional signaling, allowing users to maintain the same IP address even when traveling across different carrier networks. It also provides seamless transfer from EV-DO to 1xRTT coverage areas.

"By integrating the Kyocera Passport KPC650 PC Card, the Chameleon CTM 152 offers a modem that rivals hardwired DSL modems in terms of speed and connection continuity but with all the advantages of wireless mobility," said Dean Fledderjohn, general manager of the M2M division at Kyocera Wireless Corp. "The benefits of the CTM 152 are significant when considering the improved performance and productivity gained by utilizing the EV-DO networks. As wireless networks continue to evolve, the Chameleon CTM 152 allows user organizations to take advantage of increased productivity, cutting-edge communications capabilities and significant cost savings."

With industrial-rated components and a billet-machined composite enclosure, the Chameleon CTM 152 is built to withstand demanding wear and tear environments in public safety, transportation, distribution, construction, oil field and industrial plant applications. The modem enables better management of mobile, remote and even non-mobile resources by delivering information faster and providing uninterrupted, on-demand service.

"Kyocera helped us quickly get to market with a modem that takes advantage of current EV-DO networks without sacrificing the ability to take advantage of expected Rev A improvements in the future," said Casey O'Neill, president of Cypress Solutions. "With the Passport PC card integration, we can immediately provide customers with a full-featured, high-speed EV-DO modem packed with all the benefits our customers have come to expect - rugged durability, flexibility, always-on communication, uninterrupted coverage, discrete GPS and Mobile IP - along with the ability to cost effectively upgrade for Rev A when the networks are ready."

The full family of Chameleon industrial data modems are available through carrier outlets and value added resellers (VARs) specializing in wireless data and mobile computing solutions. For more information, please contact: 604-294-4465, or visit

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With over nine years experience in wireless product development and manufacturing, Cypress Solutions is focused on the supply and engineering support of its Chameleon industrial wireless data products. The Chameleon modems are available in Canada and the US and backed by an experienced wireless engineering support team that is dedicated to customer support and value added engineering. Quality design and testing to recognized North American standards has contributed to the Chameleons proven reputation for ruggedness and reliability in a wide range of applications. For more information, please visit:


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