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KYOCERA Wireless Wins Top Recycling Award for Eighth Consecutive Year

Kyocera Leads San Diego Business Community in Environmental

SAN DIEGO, CA--April 28, 2008--Kyocera Wireless Corp. (KWC), a leading global manufacturer of wireless handsets and devices, announced that it has again earned its eighth consecutive recycling award from the City of San Diego's Environmental Services Department ( ESD). The Directors Recycling Award is one of the city's highest environmental honors and marks Kyocera's fifteenth environmental award from the City to date - the most of any business in San Diego, according to the ESD.

"Companies such as Kyocera who take the initiative in waste reduction and recycling help the City of San Diego to keep the Miramar Landfill open longer, reduce greenhouse gases, and improve our environmental quality," said San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders.

In 2007, KWC recycled more than 430,000 pounds of paper, plastic, electronic and other waste otherwise destined for landfills. The company also avoided using more than 1 million gallons of potable fresh water by using reclaimed water.

This represented enough fresh water to service 15 average households in San Diego for a year. Finally, KWC conserved more than 3.3 million kWh of electricity - enough energy to power 705 average local homes for a year. Overall the company recycled approximately 75 percent of its waste in 2007, contributing nearly $40,000 in recycling revenue and almost $400,000 in cost avoidance to the company's bottom line.

"We're proud to continue our commitment to the environment and our community," said Rod Lanthorne, president of KWC and its parent company, San Diego-based Kyocera International, Inc. "Seeking harmonious balance between economic development and environmental preservation has been a core tenet at Kyocera since its inception in 1959. It's a company-wide effort every day to recycle and reduce consumption and we thank all of our employees for their dedication."

Company-wide programs are in place at KWC to reduce copying and faxing by increasing scanning and use of LCD projectors; recycle cardboard, paper, plastics and precious metals used in manufacturing processes; reduce waste and disposable plates and utensils in cafeterias and even to re-use landscape trimmings and damaged wooden pallets as mulch material around the grounds to preserve moisture in the soil.

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Kyocera Wireless Corp. is a leading supplier of innovative, feature-rich wireless devices and accessories for customers worldwide. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera International Inc., which acquired QUALCOMM Incorporated's CDMA consumer wireless phone business in February 2000. Based in San Diego, Kyocera Wireless leverages Japan's history of creating advanced consumer technologies around humanism and respect for the environment and blending them with a Western entrepreneurialism and style, resulting in a unique design language and a natural, user-friendly interface. For more information, please visit

Kyocera Corporation (NYSE:KYO), the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of advanced ceramics. By combining these engineered materials with metals and plastics, and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera has become a leading supplier of telecommunications equipment, semiconductor packages, electronic components, laser printers, copiers, solar energy systems and industrial ceramics. During the year ended March 31, 2007, Kyocera Corporation's consolidated net sales totaled approximately US$10.8 billion (JP Yen 1,283,897 million) with net income of approximately US$895 million (JP Yen 106,504 million).

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