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New SANYO “PRO SERIES” Mobile Phones To Feature Nextel Direct Connect ®

New Line Offers Fresh Look and New Capabilities to Sprint Push-To-Talk Users


CHATSWORTH, CA – April 1, 2008 With two models announced today (PRO-200 and PRO-700), the new “PRO Series” line by SANYO expands Sprint’s portfolio of Nextel Direct Connect devices, adding exciting new designs, advanced technology, and improved productivity features to the lineup. The PRO Series will offer instant call set-up times of less than one second and one to one interoperability with the world's largest established push-to-talk community. These new devices are expected to be available for purchase through the Sprint direct sales force in limited markets later this month, giving customers a wider selection of phones to instantly meet their productivity needs with connection in less than one second to millions of existing Nextel Direct Connect subscribers. 

Nextel Direct Connect services on the PRO-200 and PRO-700 utilize and access Rev. A-enabled portions of the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network.  In addition, these devices will continue to provide industry-leading performance in the form of a rich feature set that includes a high-quality SANYO speakerphone, Bluetooth®, web and email capabilities, and autonomous GPS for supporting advanced location, tracking and navigation applications. They both offer a large, high-contrast external LCD screen designed for legibility in bright outdoor environments, and a QVGA-resolution internal LCD screen that displays more text and exceptional detail for viewing web, messaging and data applications such as maps.

Both devices offer the renowned durability and ease of use that Nextel Direct Connect users have come to expect, while providing a new compact, streamlined shape. The PRO-200 is stylish yet practical for day-to-day business use while the PRO-700 is a rugged, durable handset that is certified to Military Standard 810F for dust, shock, and vibration, built for use in demanding outdoor conditions.

The PRO Series are ideal for industries such as construction, transportation, security, and field service, where instant communication, durability and robust features result in greater productivity with less down-time.

“The PRO Series line takes push-to-talk to a whole new level,” said Andy Kodera, president of Kyocera Sanyo Telecom, Inc. (KSTI). “Both the PRO-200 and PRO-700 preserve the core features that Nextel Direct Connect users love and rely upon, while implementing new state-of-the-art technology in attractive new designs.  This is the very first time that Nextel Direct Connect users will have a chance to experience what a SANYO mobile phone is all about. We’re very proud to work with Sprint on the introduction of the PRO Series and we welcome the many dedicated Nextel Direct Connect users throughout the nation to try these exciting new devices.”

Sprint operates the fastest national push-to-talk network in the world and gives you access to the world’s largest push-to-talk community. The PRO Series support the following push-to-talk features:

  • Direct Connect – Instant one-to-one communication nationwide, interoperable with Nextel devices.
  • One Number – Use the same phone number for voice calls and Direct Connect calls. Users who have transitioned from Nextel to PRO Series phones will automatically have Direct Connect calls forwarded from their radio ID to the new number.
  • Call Alert – Send a repeating alert to let a user know you want to reach them. The PRO Series allow for “canned messages” to be included with Call Alerts.
  • Missed Call Notification – New feature! Lets you know that you missed a Direct Connect call.
  • Group Connect – Create groups of up to 20 Nextel Direct Connect users with Pro 200 or Pro 700 phones on your phone or on the web, then communicate with the whole group via PTT. (Nextel interoperability for Group Connect is expected in late 2008)
  • Sprint Mobile Sync – a new online contact management application that allows you to add, edit or delete contacts and/or groups online and “push” the updates to your phone or group of phones. If the phone is ever lost or stolen, contacts can be automatically retrieved.
  • DC Permissions – decide who you want to allow or block from making/receiving Direct Connect calls

With Sprint Power Vision (EV-DO Rev. A), the PRO Series phones by SANYO provide faster data rates, enabling users to send and receive large amounts of data at broadband speeds.  This brings a new level of performance to web browsing, email, and other applications that require wireless data transfer.


Other unique PRO Series features include:

  • Dedicated “Web” and “Text” keys
  • Phone as Modem capability for use as a wireless modem with a laptop
  • Restrict & Lock – a great business management tool that allows you to control incoming/outgoing callers and data usage
  • One-touch answer on hold – just press and hold a key on the outside of the phone to put an incoming caller “on hold” momentarily until you can answer it
  • Call Screen – allows your phone to act like an answering machine, enabling you to hear the caller’s message before picking up
  • Built-in digital voice recorder – up to 10 hours of recording time!

Note: Not all Nextel Direct Connect features/capabilities are available on all Nextel Direct Connect capable devices.  A rate plan that includes Nextel Direct Connect will be required in order to use these features.


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