News » 2008 » University of California, San Diego Selects Borrego Solar to Install a 1.2 MW Solar Electric System featuring Kyocera Modules as Part of its Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Program


University of California, San Diego Selects Borrego Solar to Install a 1.2 MW Solar Electric System featuring Kyocera Modules as Part of its Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Program

System will Supply Significant Portion of the University's Energy Needs, Supporting UCSD's Goal to be the "Greenest University" in the U.S.

El Cajon, Calif.—September 1, 2008—Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.  and Kyocera Solar, Inc. today announced that the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has selected Borrego to install a 1.2 MW solar electric system featuring Kyocera modules as a central component to the university’s robust sustainable energy program. The $9 million system, financed through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Solar Power Partners, will supply about 2.4 million kilowatt hours per year of green energy, contributing significantly to UCSD’s overall sustainable energy programs.

“UCSD prides itself on being one of the nation’s leading universities when it comes to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, and the launch of our comprehensive sustainable energy program continues to promote our green efforts,” said David Weil, assistant director of UCSD facilities management. “We are grateful to Borrego Solar, Kyocera Solar and Solar Power Partners for their assistance in helping make the solar energy aspect of this project a reality. Borrego’s experience and expertise will allow us to quickly activate the system and maximize its efficiency, and Solar Power Partners’ PPA provided us with a creative financing solution that fits our needs.”

When complete, UCSD’s system will consist of 5,790 Kyocera KD205 solar modules that will be mounted on the Price Center, the Gilman parking structure and other buildings across the 1,200-acre campus.  This system will contribute to the expected 29 million kilowatt hours per year of green energy produced by UCSD’s total efforts, which equates to generating enough electricity to power more than 4,500 homes.  These efforts will offset 10,500 tons of carbon emissions -- the equivalent of removing 1,500 cars from the road every year

“The sustainability program that UCSD has in place will not only dramatically reduce the university’s carbon footprint and energy costs, but it will also encourage green thinking among the student body and the San Diego community at large,” said Aaron Hall, CEO of Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. “The benefits of this type of sweeping project are far-reaching and long-lasting, and Borrego is proud to take part in this monumental effort by installing a solar energy system that will ensure he consistent production of renewable energy for years to come.”

“Kyocera Solar is honored to contribute to part of UCSD’s sustainable energy program -- an ambitious and worthwhile plan that is in line with Kyocera’s commitment to global environmental preservation,” stated Steve Hill, president of Kyocera Solar, Inc.  

To finance the $9 million up-front cost of the solar system, UCSD worked closely with Solar Power Partners, a complete power solutions provider that owns, maintains and operates the system, to develop a customized PPA that meets UCSD’s long-term budgetary requirements.

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