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Our History


1971 Opened manufacturing operations in Kearny Mesa area after purchasing a CERDIP production facility from Fairchild Semiconductor. Fairchild recognized the superiority of Kyocera's CERDIP packages and asked Kyocera founder Dr. Inamori to take over the facility. Fairchild subsequently purchased all of their CERDIP packages from Kyocera.
1975 Moved from Kearny Villa Road location to a larger facility on Balboa Ave.
1980 Started High Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (HTCC) multilayer operations
1984 Expanded production to meet the demands of the growing telecommunications market
1988 Opened Kyocera Mexicana in Tijuana
1989 Expanded R&D department with the addition of advanced electrical and thermo-mechanical modeling and simulation
1991 Added wire bond sub-contract assembly line
1993 Began designing and manufacturing complex TR modules for radar applications
1997 Expanded contract assembly with a new Flip Chip line in San Diego
2000 Acquired Vispro in Portland, Oregon to provide air-fired LTCC for Hi-Rel applications
2001 Received ISO Certification
2003 Initiated wide band-gap package program for high-power GaN and SiC devices
2006 Implemented Lean Methodology in San Diego and Tijuana facilities
2009 Awarded MIL-38485 Certification

Implemented copper-based Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC-Cu) multilayer operations also know as "MTCC"

Added new automated plating line in Kyocera Mexicana

2012 Added 2nd Flip Chip line in San Diego
2012+ Check back - we're always expanding and improving to better serve our customers and our community