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The role of device packaging is more critical than it was in the beginning of microelectronics. Back when 500 MHz signals were considered state-of-the art and silicon was the only semiconductor material commercially available, the impact of package design and materials on circuit performance was not as significant as it is now. Kyocera International advances in package manufacturing technology, new materials, and software design and simulation tools helped our customers to achieve the benefit of greater degrees of freedom for device and circuit design and most importantly, helped our customers be the impetus for growth in the microelectronics industry. Today and for the foreseeable future, device performance is typically limited by the package or circuit board performance. Semiconductor packaging must now accommodate frequencies approaching 100 GHz, withstand adverse environmental conditions, and provide thermal relief for high-power GaN and SiC devices. Here, we provide custom and off-the-shelf packaging options in ceramic and organic material sets. Our 40+ years of manufacturing experience gives our customers semiconductor packaging solutions for optimal thermo-mechanical and electrical circuit performance.