Privacy Policy & Notice to California Residents

Our Values

Today, the whole world is undergoing a period of change. Globalization requires greater international understanding and cooperation. The world is also facing serious environmental problems, such as global warming and acid rain. These problems are a touchstone of our ability to act in harmony, especially when the world's fragile ecosystem is at stake.

These changes and challenges have led to the development of new managerial attitudes in many companies throughout the world. More emphasis is being placed on improving the quality of community life, in addition to maintaining growth. It has become increasingly important to operate in a way that is appropriate for each business location -- paying special attention to environmental protection and contributing to the improvement of human life.

Modern society gives top priority to things that are functional, economical, and rational. However, Kyocera believes that this sense of value can be contradictory, and that the key to creating a brighter future lies in the concept of "harmonious coexistence" -- in other words, establishing good relationships throughout the world community and making environmental protection an unceasing concern.

With this concept in mind, we will strive to be a global corporation that contributes to the world's prosperity and is well accepted by the community, both through our business and cultural contributions, and through our active steps to preserve planet Earth. In order to help create a better tomorrow, we must pursue harmonious coexistence today.

Labor and Human rights

Kyocera was built on the principle of doing what is right as a human being. Kyocera is unique in that for more than 50 years, every decision we make as a company has been subject to that litmus test. As such, Kyocera applauds the recent global focus on safe and fair working conditions and prevention of human trafficking. These efforts are well aligned with Kyocera's Management Rationale, "To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind." The "material and intellectual growth" that we aim for includes the pursuit of economic stability and job satisfaction through self-fulfillment in the workplace and extends to our supply chain as well as our own employees. Of course in any organization that is as large as Kyocera and that does business globally with thousands of suppliers, there is always room for improvement. Kyocera is actively investigating how it can strengthen the implementation of our long-term commitment to social responsibility.