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Technical Papers and Presentations List

  1. Broadband High Frequency Package Design Using Closed Air-Filled Sealed Cavities
    (752KB )
  2. Full-wave Analysis and Characterization of Via Grounding Techniques Used to Isolate Striplines For Embedded Passive Interconnects(266KB )
  3. Designing Pin Grid Array Ceramic Packages For High Performance in High Density I/O Application(487KB PDF )
  4. Applied FEM Techniques in Ceramic Feedthru Package Design (849KB )
  5. High Reliability Second Level Interconnects Using Polymer Core BGAs(2.6MB )
  6. Transient Thermal Modeling Techniques for WBG Device Packaging(3.8MB )
  7. Material Selection for Ceramic T/R Module Packages(223KB )
  8. Broadband Leaded Transitions and a Narrow Band Via Structure for Multi-Layer Hermetic Packaging(209KB )
  9. Thermally Enhanced Packaging for RF Power Transistors(265KB )
  10. Thermo-mechanical Finite Element Techniques in Multilayer Ceramic Package Design(3.7MB )
  11. Ceramic Packaging in Medical Applications(8.6MB )
  12. Effective Thermal Conductivity of Six Sigma's Copper Reinforced Column Grid Array Interconnect for Ceramic Microelectronic Packages(844KB )
  13. Thermal Conductivity of Thick Film Tungsten Metallization used in High-Alumina Ceramic Microelectronic Package(948KB )
  14. Microelectronics and Packaging for UAV Payloads (3,265KB )

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