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KYOCERA to Showcase Ceramics-Based Medical Technologies at MD&M West Expo, Feb. 11-13 in Anaheim

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BOOTH #2086 – Kyocera will be highlighting its wide range of ceramics-based technologies at MD&M West Medical Expo in Anaheim, Calif., February 11-13, 2020, the world’s largest annual convention for medical product designers and manufacturers. With its 60-year track record of providing custom engineering solutions, Kyocera continues to use its unique ceramic materials to help advance the latest medical technologies.

Kyocera’s ceramics provide a highly durable, long-lasting, non-reactive material to help improve everything from implantable medical devices to hip implants. Innovative ceramic medical solutions will be on display throughout Kyocera’s Booth #2086, including:


Patented Alumina-Sapphire Direct Bonding Microchemical Chip

Patented Alumina-Sapphire Direct Bonding Microchemical Chip. The new decade is bringing a radical transformation of healthcare based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), particularly in developing regions. One example is the challenge to develop an affordable, reliable device that can quickly diagnose HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases, based on samples of blood, saliva and/or sputum, for use by rural clinics that may have electricity only a few hours per day. Kyocera’s proprietary Alumina-Sapphire microchemical chip is inspired in part by this challenge. It is designed for use in blood, saliva and sputum analysis; clinical tests; genome analysis and other diagnostic solutions. Since its direct bonding technology requires no separate bonding material, Kyocera’s proprietary solution enables a stronger connection; higher heat resistance; superior chemical resistance; and greatly reduced risk of error from substance/particle contamination — bringing the promise of E-medicine closer to underserved populations in need.

In many other examples, Kyocera’s Fine Ceramics can be found in solutions for genetic sequencing, blood separators, X-ray machines, pacemakers, cardiac monitors, neuromodulation devices, surgical tools, drug testing and orthopedic joint replacement systems. Many of these products will be on display at Kyocera’s MDM West booth, showcasing the latest technologies — from metallized ceramics for implantable devices, to zirconia needles used in Biotech development equipment featuring an astounding internal-diameter dimensional precision plus-or-minus a single micron.

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Kyocera Corporation (TOKYO:6971) (, the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of Fine Ceramics (also known as “advanced ceramics”). By combining these engineered materials with metals and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera has become a leading supplier of industrial and automotive components, semiconductor packages, electronic devices, solar power generating systems, printers, copiers and mobile phones. During the year ended March 31, 2019, the company’s consolidated sales revenue totaled 1.62 trillion yen (approx. USD14.6 billion). Kyocera appears on the “Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators 2018-19” list by Clarivate Analytics and is ranked #655 on Forbes magazine’s 2019 “Global 2000” list of the World’s Largest Public Companies.