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KYOCERA Miniaturizes Electronics Connector by 50 Percent in New 5811 Series, Ideal for Wearables

5811 Board-to-Board connectors save space, provide durability and perform in high current

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Kyocera Corporation announced its new 5811 Series Board-to-Board connectors, miniaturized to be about 50 percent smaller than conventional products and optimized for wearable devices. The 5811 Series connectors feature a 0.35mm-pitch to save space, perform well in high current and are highly durable. Samples are available globally now.

5811 Series.JPG

1.7 mm width x 3.6 mm length
Product name 5811 Series Board-to-Board Connector
Applications Wearable devices
(wireless headphones, smartwatches, smart glasses, etc.), handheld game consoles, etc.
Development Background
The demand for wearable devices such as wireless headphones and smart glasses continues to increase. Global production of wireless headphones in 2025 is expected to increase to 570 million*1, approximately 2.7 times larger than 2019 production levels.

Kyocera’s new 5811 Series Board-to-Board connectors’ miniaturized size (1.7 mm width x 3.6 mm length) is optimized for wearables, handheld game consoles and other smaller electronics. The flat stacking structure maintains durability, workability when stacking, and reduction of damage despite its low 0.6mm stack height. In addition, it is resistant to the high current required for connectors which is suitable design for battery connection.

Main Features

1. Space-saving, high-current and high durability for wearable devices
Despite its ultra-compact design, it is highly durable and optimized to perform in high current (3A/Power Terminal). The plug stacking surface has an even, flat shape, and the receptacle is concave shape with no central convexity to improve insertion guidance and prevent damage during mating. To meet customer demands for wearable devices, the 5811 series can accommodate 1-5 signal pins and 2 power pins.

Conventional product
Conventional product
Concave-shaped plug stacking surface;
Raised central-shape receptacle
New 5811 Series
New 5811 Series
Flat plug fitting surface with no unevenness;
Concave receptacle with no central convexity.

2. Audible click and high retention force
New 5811 Series clicks during stacking to insure proper mating. In addition, it does not easily detach due to the high retention force.

3. RoHS and Halogen-free compliant



No. of pins

Signal Terminal 1 to 5

Power terminal 2

Rated current

DC 0.3A/Contact

DC 3A/Power pin



Rated voltage

DC 60V/Contact

Stacking height


D.W. voltage

AC 250V, 1min.




Copper alloy/

heat-resistant resin


3.6mm (Signal 3 Pins)




-40℃ to +85℃



Kyocera will continue developing innovative products to exceed customer’s needs in its markets and contribute to the development of the smart device industry and an IoT society.

*1. Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute "Wearables/Healthcare Business General Survey 2020"