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Supplier Standards of Business Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct - Version 1

"Supplier" means any individual, company or other entity that directly or indirectly sells, or seeks to sell, goods or services to Kyocera International, Inc. (KII), KII's contract manufacturers and other KII sub-tiers that ultimately resell to KII.

  1. 1.Supplier will comply with all laws, regulations and policies applicable to its dealings with KII.
  2. 2.Except as permitted in section 3 below, Supplier will ensure that none of its representatives or employees offer to any KII employee (or to any KII contract manufacturer or any of its employees) a bribe, kickback, cash incentive, free product, favor, gratuity, entertainment or anything else of value. This prohibition extends to immediate family members of both Supplier and Employees of KII.
  3. 3.Token gifts are permitted, provided: (a) the gift is not intended as a means of obtaining favorable treatment from the recipient, (b) the gift does not create the appearance of a bribe, kickback, payoff or irregular type of payment, (c) the value of the gift is less than $35, (d) public disclosure of the gift would not embarrass KII, (e) acceptance of the gift is consistent with KII's business practices and (f) acceptance of the gift does not violate any applicable law.
  4. 4.Supplier will not enter into a financial or other relationship with a KII employee that creates a conflict of interest. All such conflicts must be disclosed beforehand and corrected to the satisfaction of KII's management. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest can be damaging to KII and to the Supplier and therefore must be disclosed and approved by KII management.
  5. 5.Supplier will not enter into a financial or other relationship with any third party that creates a conflict of interest or a perceived conflict of interest between the Supplier's obligations to KII and those to the third party.
  6. 6.Supplier will not engage in collusive bidding, price fixing, price discrimination, or other unfair trade practices in violation of federal or state antitrust laws.
  7. 7.Supplier will not provide any incentives such as kick-backs, zero cost purchase orders or free stock to any KII contract manufacturer. This does not include no charge samples in limited quantities.
  8. 8.Supplier will provide products that conform in all respects with the requirements of their contract with KII, including all applicable quality requirements.|
  9. 9.Supplier will promptly notify KII Procurement Executives of any known or suspected improper behavior by Suppliers' employees relating to their dealings with KII, its employees or its contract manufacturers.
  10. 10.Supplier acknowledges that only KII's procurement personnel and assigned agents, are permitted to negotiate the pricing of goods and/or services.
  11. 11.No KII confidential and/or proprietary information may be shared outside of KII, without a written confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, with controls that are established to manage the flow of information between companies. KII requires that all information gathered during negotiations or normal commercial dealings are kept confidential.
  12. 12.KII will not condone, facilitate or support any type of money laundering.
  13. 13.KII expects that its Suppliers will comply with all copyright and trademark regulations.
  14. 14.Since KII is based in the United States, all KII locations must comply with economic sanctions and trade embargoes imposed or approved by the United States Government. Many countries have laws and regulations that cover imports and exports between countries, organizations and people. When KII is importing and exporting products, information or technology, KII will follow applicable national and international laws, regulations and restrictions. If a conflict exists, contact KII Corporate Legal Counsel.
  15. 15.KII strictly prohibits Suppliers, employees, subcontractors, subcontractor employees, and agents from engaging in human trafficking-related activities. These activities include engaging in sex trafficking, procuring commercial sex acts (even if this practice is legal in the jurisdiction where it transpires), using force, fraud, or coercion to subject a person to involuntary servitude, or obtaining labor from a person by threats of serious harm to that person or another person, among others. There should be no use of child labor in any aspect of the business. Suppliers should provide a workplace free of harassment and discrimination.
  16. 16.Suppliers are expected to comply with the international, regional, and national health and safety standards. Suppliers must ensure that their employees and any other person present or near the workplace are protected against potential health and safety hazards resulting from Suppliers' business activities.
  17. 17.Suppliers must comply with all the applicable statues, regulations, guidelines, orders from and agreements entered into with government authorities relating to the protection and conservation of the environment, including the use, handling, storage, transportation and disposal of regulated hazardous material substances. Suppliers must obtain, maintain, and report on all environmental permits, approvals, licenses, and registration as required under environmental legislation.