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International Direct Investment Program

Kyocera Corporation has authorized Citibank, N.A. to implement and administer an International Direct Investment (IDI) program for its American Depositary Shares (ADSs). The IDI Program is sponsored and administrated by Citibank, N.A. Kyocera Corporation does not administer or sponsor the IDI Program, and assumes no obligation or liability therefrom.

The IDI program enables ADS holders to:

  • Purchase ADS shares weekly
  • Sell ADS shares daily
  • Make regular investments to purchase additional ADS shares
  • Sell or withdraw all or a portion of the holding by phone or in writing
  • Reinvest dividends in full or in part, or receive cash dividends
  • Receive a year-end statement
  • Deposit additional ADS certificates for safekeeping at no charge

IDI Program Details

For additional IDI Program information, please contact Citibank through any of the following channels:

By Phone

Toll-free phone: 877-248-4237 (U.S. only)

By Website
At the ADR page, click on the following links, in this sequence:
"Investment Plans and Services"
"International Direct Investment Plan"

By U.S. Mail

Citibank,N.A. Shareholder Services
P.O. Box 43077
Providence,Rhode Island 02940-3077



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