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Avionics are a special classification of electronics systems for aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. These systems encompass numerous critical functions such as navigation, collision avoidance, and communication. Avionics development over the last two decades has expanded to incorporate increased digital content as well as higher-power semiconductor devices such as gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC).

Electronic packaging for avionics utilizing existing silicon (Si) and the new high-power compound-semiconductor devices still requires a high-reliability interface between the die and the circuit board. Hermeticity, mechanical stability, electro-magnetic protection, and improved thermal conductivity are crucial package features that will ensure successful operation through the avionics system life-cycle.

Both LDMOS and BeO packages are typically used in avionics. BeO packages offer enhanced thermal conductivity in the ceramic and good ground isolation. LDMOS packages have copper, copper alloy, and metal laminate heat sinks for maximizing thermal conductivity in high-power avionics applications.