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Packaging Types

Electronic package types vary from simple two or three-terminal designs for diodes, BJTs and FETs to complex modules where multiple ICs and embedded or discrete passive components are combined to provide a higher degree of signal processing. Certain package types are defined by industry standards organizations such as JEDEC Solid State Technology Association whereas other package type labels reflect either the device association, e.g. LDMOS, attachment interface, e.g. SMT / Flip-Chip, or function such as a Transmit / Receive (TR) Module. Key to selecting the package type that works best is a good understanding of the device and board attachment method, circuit function, and operating environment. Kyocera International offers nearly every type of semiconductor package to serve the diverse requirements of the electronics industry. Custom-designed as well as open-tooled packages are available. To download a brochure, please click here: e-brochure. To discuss your packaging needs, please contact us at 800-468-2957.

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