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Power Electronics

The power electronics market expanded recently to include applications utilizing the latest in silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN) and Super Junction MOSFET device technology. The improvements in amplification, linearity, and power-added efficiency of these solid-state devices are key enablers of better energy conversion, more powerful switching, and RF, microwave and digital signals that are less noisy, can travel further, and contain much more data.

Packaging for power electronics includes ceramic with its high-purity, diverse three-dimensional design and metallization options, and provides an electrically stable performance interface between the device and circuit board. Ceramic packaging offers superior thermal management with its inherent material characteristics as well as enhanced thermal conductivity available with brazed-on metal heatsinks.

Package examples

  • TO-XXX Eyelet
  • Metal Wall Packages
  • AMB
  • AlN, SiN

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