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Mixed Signal

The number of applications is increasing where RF/analog and digital data are combined in a single IC or stacked die arrangement. These applications can also include combining high-performance mixed-signal devices with advanced power devices.

Mixed-signal applications vary greatly and include mobile personal electronics, VSAT terminals, cable modems, set top boxes, codex, automotive, wireless broadband infrastructure and front-end processors. SiGe, BiCMOS, CMOS, and FPGAs are some of the types of ICs used.

Kyocera's electronic packaging for mixed-signal applications is engineered to reduce or eliminate noise and crosstalk. The design flexibility of multilayer ceramic accommodates fabrication of precise features for RF integration, analog, and digital functions, and A/D & D/A conversion. Ceramic packaging for mixed-signals in either a single or multiple device configuration is available with low-loss conductors and routing that can be optimized to maximize signal integrity and minimize ground and power plane impedances.

Some typical packages for mixed-signal applications include:

  • CSPs
  • BGAs
  • MCMs

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